Is Croydon Racist?

We madeĀ a short documentary film, Is Croydon Racist? You Decide, asking the people of Croydon about their experience of racism and whether they feel we can end racism in a generation. We interviewed over 40 people: young, old, white, BME, police, teachers, shopkeepers and parents.

Pop up shop

We launched the film at a pop-up shop in Croydon and organised a range of workshops for the community to get involved in. Watch the film of the activities at the Croydon pop-up shop to find out happened.

Why Croydon?

When the latest census data is released, it is likely to show that the Borough of Croydon has a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Population of 41%. In 2020, this is likely to reach 50%. There is a demographic and economic divide between the north and south of the borough. The north of the borough is approximately 70% BME, and is more deprived than the more prosperous southern half of the borough. The largest ethnic groups in Croydon are Black Caribbean (10%), Indian (8.25%) and Black African (6.5%) . According to local community groups, there are also large Vietnamese and Tamil communities.