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Donations to End Racism This Generation

We have a small team working from our London office, who organise our campaign activities and liaise with our many partners and supporters across the country. We currently have a grant from the European Commission to fund our start-up operations, like getting this website up and running and producing of our launch film.

During the course of the first year, we’ll be taking the campaign all across England and Wales to to Bristol, Nottingham, Coventry, Cardiff, Leeds, Birmingham, Ipswich, Southampton and Wolverhampton. But we need more cash to maximise our impact!

  • We want to make sure our End Racism message gets out loud and clear right across these towns and cities, so we need more money to pay for things like flyers, adverts, films and graphics demonstrating facts about racism
  • We need a little more money to be able to work with artists and actors to engage with young people about racism in the most engaging way.
  • We currently only have a handful of people working on the campaign – and only one of those is full-time! With a bit more funding we can spend more time communicating with our growing movement of  “pledgers”, identifying and spreading best practice on racism and planning tactics to get our message heard as widely as possible

We can End Racism This Generation – but we need donations. Your support will allow us to step our campaign up a gear, and make sure that we can keep it going once our initial funding runs out.

If you are foundation interested in funding our work or an individual or organisation wishing to give a large gift please contact us here.


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