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We can end racism

Ending racism may seem like a daunting task, but it is possible.

We’re aiming that by the time your children are your age, people in Britain will have the same chances in life, whatever their ethnic background.

Despite current racial inequality, people are positive about eliminating racism this generation. Recently we asked people around the country how long they thought it would take and four out of five respondents said we could achieve it in 20-50 years.

We have the law on our side, banning racism at a UK, EU and international level. The ball is now in our court to make changes in our own lives, workplaces and communities.

The changes we’re suggesting may seem small, but if we all act, we can cause a shift in society so that treating people equally becomes the norm. So what can you do? And how will your contribution help?

By encouraging and supporting more young people from minority ethnic backgrounds to learn about your industry, sector or university subject, you could increase the pool of minority ethnic candidates in subsequent years and contribute to your sector becoming more ethnically diverse.

By increasing the visibility of minority ethnic groups in arts, culture and sports, you will remind people that this is what multi-ethnic Britain looks like today and help to create positive role models for young people to aspire to.

By ensuring that your services better meet the needs of minority ethnic groups, you will help break  current cycles of disadvantage, in which vulnerable people become even more vulnerable because they find it harder to get help.

By encouraging dialogue and spreading the word about racism and racial inequality, you will remind everyone that this is a still a problem in the UK. You can encourage more people to take action in their own lives to end racism, you can increase people’s understanding of different perspectives of the problem and you can help people work together to devise solutions.

So every little bit will help. Make your pledge now


[1] Four out of five respondents to a recent survey said we could end racism in 20-50 years.


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