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1 comment on “Campaign Success! Read Jo’s Story

  1. I’m sure you are well meaning and would like to put an end to ‘racism’, but when people in the U.K. are unable to speak freely about how immigration is affecting the NHS, education, jobs, housing, etc. without being arrested for being ‘racist’, then I don’t hold out much hope for things to change. I am a retired person, not an activist, and try to look at life in a balanced way, but at the moment I can only see that no-one in our government is going to do anything about it, and nor has David Cameron given us a free vote on the EU referendum. How is one supposed to feel about immigration when, week after week, we see our nation being ripped off by foreigners defrauding our generous benefits system, our housing and our NHS. Illegal immigrants are constantly being caught working in the U.K. when their visas have run out. Factory and shop owners (usually foreigners themselves) are supposed to be fined £10,000 for every illegal immigrant they find working for them, but for some reason they’re not. Why aren’t these businesses closed down for flaunting our laws at every opportunity? I’ll tell you why, because the U.K. is too soft on them and doesn’t want to upset those countries that they come from. Why aren’t foreign landlords sent to prison for renting out sheds in their back gardens in the South? For the same reason no doubt. The last straw for me is when our government incorporates Sharia Law with our own laws. Is this what they are aiming for? A multi-racial society that one fine day we’ll wake up to find that the old United Kingdom doesn’t exist any more and has been replaced by the New United Kingdom complying only with Islamic laws. Migration Watch has already predicted that the white race will become a minor one within the next 30 years. If you expect me to accept this lying down then I’m sorry but I can’t, and that’s no disrespect to the decent, honest, hard-working foreign workers in our country. I’m sure many will disagree with me, but just be glad that we’re still living in a democratic country and are able to voice our thoughts without being locked up for them.

    Rosalind Gauci


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