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Whoever you are and whatever sector you are in, you can help End Racism This Generation.


  • You can tell your friends, family and community how racism and inequality between races are still big problems in the UK today
  • You can make sure you never make statements that play into racial stereotypes
  • You can make sure your children are surrounded by positive role models from a range of ethnic backgrounds – as their youth workers, doctors, dentists and teachers, and in the stories that they read.


  • A university can ensure that academic and extra-curricular activities are equally open to BME students
  • A school can look into whether it is failing to support its BME pupils to reach their full potential and make sure it spends its pupil premium in a way that equally benefits them
  • A university could commit to recruiting new students based on potential, recognising their educational context
  • A school can review sports facilities and kit requirements to remove cultural barriers for inclusion
  • Schools can start teaching lessons that include examples of positivity and success from black and ethnic minority figures, both in the UK and in developing countries, instead of always focusing on poverty and problems

Work and business

  • A business can train its staff to challenge racist language and incidents
  • A bank can analyse the ethnicity of its loan beneficiaries and take steps to make sure that minority ethnic groups have equal access to credit
  • A business can ensure that it’s staff reflects the diversity of the population at all levels, from the shop floor to the boardroom
  • A business could commit to recruiting new staff based on potential not experience
  • A small business can start making CVs anonymous in the selection process
  • A business can specifically recruit BME trainees each year

Justice and Security

  • Police services can commit to better training of officers to reduce the disproportional rates of stop and search for minority ethnic groups
  • Prison services can commit to better training to ensure that the needs of minority groups in prison are better met

Culture, Sport and Media

  • A theatre could showcase performance which addresses race inequality, reflects experiences from BME people and/or is produced by BME people
  • A football club could give match bans to any players who make racist comments
  • A community-based organisation can organise a sports programme which actively promotes the inclusion of BME students and recruits them into coaching

Democracy and Society

  • A community organisation could organise an event to connect different cultures
  • A housing association could become a third party reporting centre for hate crimes
  • Housing providers can increase the participation of ethnic minority residents  in their decision-making and ensure that the views of residents from ethnic backgrounds will be taken into account in service delivery
  • An organisation providing services to the community can assess the needs of minority groups within the local population and make sure that they aren’t being left out from accessing its service


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