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Got questions about the campaign? We may have answered them here:

Q. What is End Racism This Generation?

A. We’re glad you asked. End Racism This Generation is a three-year public awareness and advocacy campaign led by Runnymede. It will inspire action to tackle racial inequality, support people to work together in new ways to tackle racism and create lasting solutions to racial injustice in order to create a Britain in which you have the same life chances whatever your ethnic background.

Q. Why do we need a campaign to tackle racism? Don’t we already have the Equality Act 2010 to deal with this?

A. Indeed, the 2010 Equality Act requires equal treatment in access to employment as well as private and public services regardless of race (in addition to other protected characteristics). However, discrimination still exists, and there is still a lot to be done beyond legislation to create an even playing field.

For example:

• If your child is from a Black Caribbean background they were more than three times more likely to be permanently excluded from school in 2010–11 than the school population as a whole

• If you are a Black or Minority Ethnic university graduate you are more than twice as likely to be underemployed.

• If you are Black you are 7 times more likely to be stopped and searched than your white peers. If you are Asian you will be stopped and searched 2.2 times more than your white peers.

• Only 4% of Pakistanis recently surveyed do not fear racist harassment.

• Since 1993, ninety-six people have been killed in racist attacks.

These are just some ways that racism pervades our society. Our goal is for all people, regardless of race, to feel equal in terms of access to education, security, justice and employment, and to be equally represented the media and government. This will allow the next generation to have the chance to fulfil their potential and contribute to a harmonious multi-ethnic Britain.

Q. Who can get involved in the campaign?

A. Everyone! Whether you are an individual or an organisation, a business, a parent, a teacher, a hospital, a police station, anybody can get involved! End Racism This Generation is an action based campaign and all you need to do to get involved is make a pledge.

Q. What is a pledge?

A. A pledge is the promise and delivery of an action which will help End Racism This Generation. Pledges can be made by individuals or organisations. Your pledge is totally up to you, and may be something you are already doing or something new. No action is too small and no pledge too insignificant. Whatever you pledge, we’ll be following up with you to find out what difference your pledge has made. You’ll have the opportunity to explain the impact of your pledge so the whole community learns what works best.

Through taking specific actions, we can build a movement to End Racism This Generation.

Q. Do you have any example pledges?

A. Sure!

• An individual pledge could be a personal declaration to tell your friends, family and community how racism and inequality between races are still big     problems in Britain today. You could make sure that you never make statements that propagate racial stereotypes, or make sure your children are surrounded by positive role models from a range of ethnic backgrounds.

• A business might pledge to work harder to ensure its employees reflect the make up of the population at all levels of the business, including the boardroom. A university might declare that it will take action in ensuring equality of educational experience for its minority students. A voluntary sector organisation might pledge to highlight how its work reduces racial inequality.

We’ve also put together pledge inspiration for difference sectors here.

Q. Will I be provided with any help in my pledge?

A. Of course! We’ll help by providing links to resources which will help you succeed in your pledges. For example, if you are a teacher or school pledging to include a more racially diverse narrative in your lessons we can suggest teaching resources you could use.

There will be a number of events which will help to connect you to other people involved in the campaign. These include youth events in Ipswich, London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Leeds, pop-up think tanks where people can meet to discuss the campaign and racial equality in Bristol, Nottingham, Cardiff and Coventry and online seminars to connect you with other people in your sector, so you can share ideas and resources.

We will also be releasing films on race and gender, sexuality, religion, age and disability and case studies showing how action at an individual and organisational level can really help end racism.

Q. How will you use my pledge?

A. All your pledges will be put on our new interactive and informative campaign website, www.end-racism.org. Pledges will be mapped according to the first part of your postcode. This will help to connect you to other people in your area taking action and organizing events, and inspire you with what other people are pledging.

Aside from the first part of your postcode and your first name, we will not release any further personal information about you.

The community of users of our End Racism Generation website will be able to rate and comment on your pledge, and outstanding pledges will be publicised on the website and through social networks.

Q. How long is a generation?

A. We’re aiming that by the time your children are your age, people in Britain will have the same chances in life, whatever their ethnic background.

Recently we asked people around the country how long they thought it would take, and four out of five respondents said we could achieve it in 20-50 years.

Q. How is the campaign funded?

A. End Racism This Generation is funded through a grant from the European Union. And everyone can get involved in supporting the campaign by making a donation.


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