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Did you know that young black people are more than twice as likely to be unemployed compared to young white people in the UK? Did you know that the police stop and search black people at seven times the rate of white people? Did you know that almost half of all Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers in the UK earn less than £7 an hour?

Sadly, racism and race inequality are still big problems in the UK: your ethnic background still significantly impacts your life chances. And it’s not just that people from minority ethnic backgrounds tend to be poorer – there are solid facts that show specific racial discrimination.

You can help eliminate racism and race inequality. But we all need to come together to find solutions. It is already illegal to discriminate against someone based on their race. Now it is time for everyone to make changes in their own lives, workplaces and communities to make sure this becomes a reality.

For example, a business could start hiring on potential instead of experience; a university can ensure that academic and extra-curricular activities are equally open to BME students; an individual can tell friends, family and community about how racism and inequality between races are still big problems in the UK today.

These changes at the level of your own social connections, your workplace or your institution may seem small, but if we all act together, these actions will cause a shift in society so that treating people of different ethnicities equally becomes the norm.

Through the End Racism This Generation campaign, we will collect pledges for specific actions by individuals, organisations and businesses and share them widely. We’ll raise the visibility of existing good work to inspire others to follow suit. We’ll connect people within sectors to learn from each other and spread best practice.
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[1] Data from July 2012 showed that white young people have the lowest unemployment rates (20%), while Black groups have a rate that is more  than twice as high (45%).
[2] Asian people are stopped at twice the rate of white people, and black people at seven times the rate of white people. Arrests arising from stop and search are roughly equal across all ethnic groups.
[3] Almost half of all Bangladeshi and Pakistani workers earn less than £7 per hour.
[4] A 2010 experiment in which equivalent applications except for a name change were sent to employers found that almost twice as many applications needed to be sent if someone had a minority ethnic sounding name.


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