Number Games

Does race have a place in the Big Society? Runnymede director, Dr Rob Berkeley, travels to Chicago to find out how ethnic minority people already living with similar policies get their voices heard.

We know that cuts to public sector services and jobs will impact particularly heavily on ethnic minority people. Meanwhile the organisations that fight for racial equality in our society are to lose financial support, leading to doors being permanently shut. So we ask: Can the Big Society be a racially just one?

We believe that there are opportunities for us to make sure that it is. But to keep race equality on the agenda will mean finding new ways to approach the same problems and, perhaps, learning from societies elsewhere.

Number Games, Runnymede's first documentary, explores how Big Society ideas have already played out in the US.

The 20-minute film, which is the brainchild of Runnymede and independent filmmakers Feedback Films, explores how we can ensure that the Big Society is also a racially just one.

Please click here to watch the post screening Q&A session with Rob Berkeley and Rupert Daniel, director of the Black South West Network. The screening was organised by the South West Network as part of the part of a series of topical documentaries taking place on September 2011.

Click here to read the press release for the film

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