Spring 2013

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The Spring 2013 edition of the Runnymede Bulletin - which focuses on young people - is available to read and download. Articles include:

  • Male Black Youth Unemployment
  • The Marginalisation of Refugee Children
  • Reducing Inequalities in School Exclusions
  • Exploring "Digital Race"

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Spring 2013 Bulletin

The Runnymede Bulletin was a finalist in the category of Specialist Magazine for the 2010 Digital Magazine Awards

More about the Runnymede Bulletin:

The Runnymede Bulletin, previously a quarterly journal, became an online magazine in 2010. While the format has changed, the Bulletin's content is of the same high quality, offering timely and thought-provoking analysis of key race relations issues in the UK today.

Since its first publication in 1969, the Runnymede Bulletin has become an invaluable resource for:

  • Reporting events relating to the UK's development as a multi-ethnic society
  • Surveying and evaluating media coverage of race and ethnicity
  • Carrying out research and policy analysis on key issues of racial equality and cultural diversit
  • Reviewing and outlining current articles, papers, books and report
  • Reporting on themes and updates on developments in Europe, education, employment and institutional reform

The online Runnymede Bulletin is published four times a year, following the seasons.

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