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Bulletin 346 - June 2006

Number: 346

Editor: Ros Spry

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Race Equality:
Northern Ireland’s Young People Speak
Out                                                                                   1
Rob Berkeley
Working Together – at the Northern
Ireland Race Equality Youth Summit                   3
Jessica Sims
Grounding Community Cohesion in
Democratic Values                                                      5
Omar Khan
Responding to the Equalities Review
Interim Report                                                             7
Island Life and Modern LIfe
– Roots and Shoots of the RGS                                 11
Steve Brace
Implications for Black and Minority
Ethnic Communities of the Pensions
Commision’s Proposals                                             14
Michelynn Laflèche
Politics of Immigration:
Public Opinion toward Immigrants and
Ethnic Minorities in Europe                                  16
Terri Givens
Book Note – Voting Radical Right in
Western Europe                                                          18
UKREN: Burning Cities Seminar Report              19
Sofia Hamaz
Race, Faith and Class                                               20
Tariq Ramadan
Progress on Our School Choice Project 22
Parents and Their Children’s Education            22
– a Survey
Islamophobia Archive                                             22
Racism in Rural Areas                                             23
Chris Gaine
Runnymede’s Research Programme                      24


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