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Bulletin 311 - May 1998

Number: 311

Editor: Kaushika Amin

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May 1998
Editor: Kaushika Amin
The Inquiry into the Death of Stephen Lawrence Richard Stone 1
Surfing the Web?  Racism and the Net Romina Siaterly 2 - 3
A Benefit From Brussels Janet Whitaker 4
Race Relations in Europe Michael Head 5
Rising Right in Europe Glyn Ford 5
Social Exclusion Unit Helen Seaford 7
News Round-up 8 - 10
The Black Boy Pub & Other Stories: The Black Experience inHigh Wycombe Michael McMillan
Dementia and Minority Ethnic Older People: Managing Care in theUK, Denmark and France Naina Patel, Naheed R Mirza, Peter Lindblad, Omar Samaoli
Public Libraries, Ethnic Diversity and Citizenship Patrick Roach, Marlene Morrison
Race Relations in Britain: a Developing Agenda Tessa Blackstone, Bhikhu Parekh, Peter Sanders (Eds)


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