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Bulletin 318 - May 1999

Number: 318

Editor: Ros Spry

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Jim Rose and The Runnymede Trust Dipak Nandy, Nicholas Deakin, Adrian Cadbury, Bhikhu Parekh 1 – 5
The Healthy Prison Concept Sir David Ramsbotham 6
Black Deaths in Police Custody:
A Runnymede Report, Part I 8
Paved with Good Intentions:
Gus John on the National Curriculum Review Gus John 10
Conference Reports: 12
Inclusive Schools
Finding the Way Home
Human Rights Commission Debate Addresses Race Dimension: ASeminar Report Leena Chauhan 13
Employment Section Reports: 14
Exclusive Cultures and Equal Opportunities
Europe Section Reports: 15
EUMC Roundtable
EU information guide
Books and Reviews: 16
Efficiency Gains in the Voluntary Sector Clyde Williams
Opinion: 17
Multiculturalism Oona King
The Case of Stephen Lawrence Brian Cathcart
Reports on Government: 18
Forced Marriages Working Group
Ethnic Minorities Steering Group
Race Relations Forum
Steering Group on the Lawrence Report
Funding Package for Voluntary Groups
A Gateway to Information Provision


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