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Bulletin 320 - December 1999

Number: 320

Editor: Ros Spry

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1999 – the year of institutional racism Tony Sewell 1
No decisive action against Institutional Racism Sir Herman Ouseley 2
Black Deaths in Police Custody: 4
A Runnymede Report, Part II Randeep Kaur Kular
A Century of Jewish Immigration Edie Friedman 9
Refugees: Right s and Resources Imran Hussain 10
Conference Report:
A Legacy of Racism Don Flynn 11
MEB Focus Groups Report:
When Will Tolerance Become Acceptance? Gail Hopkins 13
Inclusion is Our Mission Jacqui Smith 17
Exclusions – Managing Relationships Better Gavin Mensah-Coker 18
Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship Tariq Modood 19
Race Equality in the European Parliament Claude Moraes 20
Euro Conference 2000 in Strasbourg – The Corporate Face inEurope – conference 22
Reports from Government 23
Reviews: Yasemin Soysal, Linda Appiah 24
Refugees in an Age of Genocide: Global, National and LocalPerspectives During the Twentieth Century Tony Kushner, Katharine Knox
Traveller Children: a Voice for Themselves Cathy Kiddle
Opinion Martin Spafford 26
Jim rose & Racial Justice 27


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