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Bulletin 321 - March 2000

Number: 321

Editor: Ros Spry

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Reappraising the Corporate Face in Europe 1
Keynote Presentation I: Mo Molam on Government as a Lead Playerin Cultural and Institutional Change 2
Keynote Presentation II: Digby Jones on Leadership, Diversityand Work-place Cultures 4
Panel Session 5
A Summary of the Research Findings 8
The Stephen Lawrence Report: One Year On Randeep Kaur Kular 9
MEB - Emerging ThemesReviewing the Responses 13
Research Programmes:
I: Ethnic Minority Experience in EU Countries Enid Wistrich and David Smith 17
II: Transnational Communities Steven Vertovec 21
III: Consultation - Lip service or empowerment Rushanara Ali 22
NICEM and the Article 13 Directives of the Amsterdam Treaty 24
EC proposals for a right to reunification welcomed 25
The Race Relations (Amendment) Bill 26
Notices 27


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