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Bulletin 322 - June 2000

Number: 322

Editor: Ros Spry

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New Race Directive agreed at European Level Michelynn Laflèche 1
Biggest breakthrough in British race relations for a quarter ofa century Richard Howitt 2
After Lawrence: race and prisons Dennis Valentine 3
Promoting community involvement in police training Robin Oakley 6
What hope for black representation? Rushanara Ali 7
Employment Conference II Finding the right balance Lori Linburg 9
Recruitment in large companies: the HR experience Dwain A Neil 11
MEB - Questions and debates 13
The asylum debate - haunted by the ghost of Enoch Powell? Adam Mynott 17
The Amsterdam Proposals 18
Something rotten in the state of Denmark Bashy Quraishy 19
Social existence and social care Fatima Hussain 21
Asylum in the new age Prakash Shah 23
Reviews: Omar Khan 25
From Legislation to Integration?: Race Relations in Britain Muhammad Anwar, Patrick Roach, Ranjit Sondhi (Eds)
In the Press 27


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