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Bulletin 323 - September / October 2000

Number: 323

Editor: Ros Spry

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Citizens and Communities: the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain
Towards a National Consensus Bhikhu Parekh 1
Predicting the Future Kate Gavron 3
Observations from Commission members 3 - 8
Trevor Phillips, Colin Bailey, Judith Hunt, Sally Tomlinson,Seamus Taylor, David Faulkner, Michael Chan, Sarah Spencer, MatthewMcFarlane, Muhammad Anwar
Designing, Drafting and Delivering: Ranimed, Runnymede and aLong Report Robin Richardson 9
Related Events, conferences and seminars 10
Liberty, equality, community and the Human Rights Act 11- 4
Babara Cohen and Razia Karim, Anthony Lester, Jenny Watson,Leena Chauhan, Richard Lumley
Taking away the tools to fight racism - the Government's Mode ofTrial Bill Lee Bridges 15
Should Holocaust denial be punished as 'hate speech'? Paul Iganski 17
Praise and concern at the UN Michael Banton 18
With further observations on CERD Process
From a Runnymede perspective 19
From a UK Government perspective 20
Council of Europe policy recommendation no. 5 Michael Head 21
Educational advocacy crossing the Atlantic Linda Appiah, Peter Roos 23
Age Concern 26
Reviews: Omar Khan 27
Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith: ReligiousAccommodation in Pluralist Democracies Nancy Rosenblum (Ed)
The Democratic Paradox Chantal Mouffe
In the Press 30


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