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Bulletin 324 - December 2000

Number: 324

Editor: Ros Spry

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The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain
This Estimable Report Samir Shah 1
Launching the Report: Responses from Government 2
(1) A Very British Contribution Jack Straw's launch speech 2
(2) Clearly Identifiable Themes Speech by Baroness Amos 5
Comment and Commentary A compilation of responses 8
"Children Will Be Told Lies" Robin Richardson 12
Notes from post-publication events 18
New, enforceable, positive duties: attributes of the RaceRelations (Amendment)Act Gurbux Singh 19
Susceptibility to racism and xenophobia in Central and EasternEurope Nils Muiznieks 21
European Conference Against Racism 25
UKREN Roundtable 26
Immigration - the new national interest? Don Flynn 26
Migration, mental health and social care Research programmes at the university of Kent 28
Reviews: Omar Khan, Randeep Kaur Kular 29-33
Social Inclusion. Possibilities and Tensions Peter Aslonas, Angus Stewart (Eds)
New Ethnicities, Old Racisms? Phil Cohen (Ed)
The Diversity Directory: Your Guide to Equality andDiversity Consultancies Turvey, Bedford: Diversity UK
Press coverage for publication of the Report on the Future ofMulti-Ethnic Britain 35


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