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Bulletin 325 - March 2001

Number: 325

Editor: Ros Spry

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Challenge and Change Michelynn Laflèche 1  
General Elections and the Black Vote  
  How Representative Are MP’s Omar Khan 2
Campaigning for the Black Vote in 2001 Omar Khan talks to Simon Woolley 11  
Black Manifesto 2001 12  
Stephen Lawrence Report 2 Years on:  
Psychologist, Racism and the Lawrence Inquiry Asifa Majid 14  
Time to Stamp Out Institutional Racism Conference Report 15  
Multi-Ethnic Britain:  
Occupying Britishness and Entrenching Change Stuart Hall 17  
Recreating a British Identity Seminar Report 19  
Minority Organisations in Civil Dialogue Rushanara Ali 23  
Britain’s First Holocaust Memorial Day Edie Friedman 25  
UKREN in Birmingham – Plans for Durban Sarah Isal 26  
Racial Equality Studies and Media Archive Sarah Neal 28  
Book Review: 29  
Tamarind Black Profile Series  
Report Reviews: Omar Khan 30  
Race Equality in Public Services Home Office  
Migration: and Economic and Social Analysis  
National Strategy for Neighbourhood Renewal: Policy Acton TeamAudit  


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