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Bulletin 326 - June 2001

Number: 2001

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain:
Reporting on a Report Bhikhu Parekh 1
Events and Developments 8
What the Papers Said 9
What the Papers Said Next 13
General Elections and the Black Vote II:
Election 2001 – Still not it the Picture Omar Khan 15
Runnymede’s RR(A)A Response 19
Immigration Policy – Staking Out the Stakeholders Don Flynn 22
National and International Preparations for WCAR Sarah Isal 23
Monitoring by Ethnicity in the Education System Robin Richardson 25
Combating Racial Discrimination: the UN and its MemberStates. Michael Banton 26
The Starting Line and the Incorporation of the Racial EqualityDirective into the National Laws of the EU Member States andAccession States. Isabelle Chopin, Jan Niessen (Eds) 26
Unaccompanied Refugee Children: Have the Lessons BeenLearnt? Jewish Council for Racial Equality 27
Mentoring at the Heart of the City 28


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