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Bulletin 351 - September 2007

Number: 351

Editor: Ros Spry

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All Change:
        A new government, new equality                                                                       1
        A lot done, a lot to do: the CRE                                                                                2
        passes the baton
Open Letters to Trevor Phillips
August 2007:
        New Generation Network                                                                                          3
        Equal Rights Trust                                                                                                        3
        Nacro                                                                                                                                        4
        Birmingham Race Action Partnership                                                        4
        Institute of Education                                                                                                 5
Open Letters to Gordon Brown
August 2007:
        Migrants’ Rights Network                                                                                      6
        European Network Against Racism                                                               6
    'What about us?’ – Choice,Achievement
     and the White Working Classes                                          7
        Debbie Weekes-Bernard
     Bussing’ in the UK during the 1960s
     and 1970s                                                                                  8
        Vicki Butler
     A Year in the Life of the Real
     Histories Directory                                                               10
        Vastiana Belfon
Arts & Media:
     Slavery, Race and Resistance:
     Video ART Postcards                                                             11
        Marion Vargaftig
Equality & Justice:
     Respect – Recognising Human Dignity
     and Evaluating Behaviour                                                14
        Omar Khan
     A New Voice for Equal Rights                                             17
        Dimitrina Petrova
Community Studies:
     The Estate or Campus We’re On                                        19
        Kjartan Páll Sveinsson and Jessica Mai Sims
 Feedback on Faith:
     Connecting British Hindus? A Response                        21
        Awaaz South Asia Watch
Book Reviews:
     A Textbook Introduction to Immigration
     and Refugee Policy                                                               24
        Jessica Mai Sims
     A Future Shared, not Appropriated                                  25
       Omar Khan
     Disadvantage and Youth Crime                                        27
        Kjartan Páll Sveinsson
     The Hounding of David Oluwale                                       28
        Kester Aspden
     Multicultural Citizenship:An Idea
     for Our Times                                                                          30
        Tariq Modood


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