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Bulletin 348 - December 2006

Number: 348

Editor: Ros Spry

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Integration - the PM’s speech
of 8 December 2006:
      The Duty to Integrate:
      Shared British Values                                                   1
         Tony Blair
      School students’ statements                                        5
      Integration and Diversity in  
      Multi-Cultural Britain                                                7
         Michelynn Laflèche
      Reactions to the speech                                                8
         Nicola Rollock (1) and Edie Friedman (2)
Guest Editorial:
      Redefining racism as cultural
      difference, again                                                          10
         Chris Gaine
Race Convention:
      How far have we come?                                                11
         Trevor Phillips
      Explaining immigration and diversity
      to school students                                                         14
         C hris Gaine
      Anti-Semitism in France                                            15
        Jean-Yves Camus
Runnymede Projects:
      Faith Schools and Community Cohesion               17
         Savita Vij
      What does ‘Choice’ Mean for Black
      and Minority Ethnic families?                                18
         Debbie Weekes-Bernard
      Justifying Positive Action                                         19
          Omar Khan
       ASBOs and Race Equality                                           22
          Sarah Isal
       The Vietnamese Community in Britain               23
          Jessica Sims
       The Real Histories Directory                                     25
       Seeing Double                                                               26
           The Fawcett Society
       It ain’t all black and white:
        Religion in multicultural Britain                        27
           Opinions and Responses from Malcolm James,
           Anthony Burn, Humera Khan and Harriet Crabtree
       Iris Young:A Memoir                                                     31
          Omar Khan
       The Experiences of Black School
       Governors in London 32
           Nicola Rollock


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