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Bulletin 327 - Sept 2001

Number: 327

Editor: Ros Spry

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Racialising Terror and Terrorism Michelynn Laflèche 1
Widening the Talent Pool Sandra Sanglin-Grant 2
A Complementary Approach: Mentoring From Classroom toBoardroom 6
Race Equality in Housing Nazia Khanum 7
The Estonian Model of Democratic Multiculturalism Raivo Vetik 11
World Conference Against Racism:
WCAR: a Process in the Making Arlington Trotman, Michelynn Laflèche 16
The Emperor’s New Clothes: Canada at the WCAR Ahmad Saidullah 17
Healing the Damage Caused by Racism Christine Sheppard 19
Overwhelmed and Enlightened at the WCAR Edie Friedman 20
Racism Against Widows in the Aids Pandemic Indira Patel 21
Researching the Roots of Violent Racism Omar Khan 22
Multi-Ethnic Britain:
Multi-Ethnic Britain: What Future? House of Lords Debates theParekh Report 25
Review Essay:
Discourse and Racist Attitudes Reena Bhavnani 26


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