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Bulletin 329 - March 2002

Number: 329

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain    
Building Community Cohesion (Conference Report) Rob Berkeley 1
Prospects for The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain Vic McLaren 7
Immigration and Asylum-Seeking    
Immigration, Nationality and Citizenship in Europe Enid Wistrich 9
Uplifting Vision – Shame About the Reality Don Flynn 11
A Common EU Immigration Policy Sarah Isal 13
Reviews Sarah Isal  
Borders and Discrimination in the European Union Ryszard Cholewinski 14
Practical Examples in Combating Racism and Intolerance AgainstRoma/Gypsies Compiled by Robin Oakley 15
Human Rights    
Promoting Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the UK Sandy Ruxton 16
Racism & Law    
The Hate Debate Paul Iganski 18
Forced Marriages – Talking to the MPS Qaisra Khan 20
Reviews Nicola Rollock (education in schools titles)  
Faith in Education John Burn, John Marks, Peter Pilkington, Penny Thompson 22
Black Youth on the Margins: A Research Review Ravinder Barn 23


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