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Bulletin 330 - June 2002

Number: 330

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain    
Debating an Agenda for Cohesion (Conference Report) Rob Berkeley 1
Turning Policy into Practice Rob Berkeley 6
Prospects for The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain -II Vic McLaren 7
Race Equality Legislation    
The Duty to Promote Race Equality CRE 12
Tackling Roma Exclusion at the Local Level in Eastern Europe Robin Oakley 15
Back to the Future? UK Immigration and Asylum Policy Ed Mynott 17
Conference Report    
‘Hate Crime’ Laws   19
Racism and Crime    
Researching Perpetrator of Racist Violence Michelynn Laflèche 21
EADE Anti-discrimination Good Practice Guide Hassan Bousetta, Tariq Modood 22
Situation of Islamic Communities in Five European Cities: Examples of Local Initiatives Yvonne Bemelmans, Maria Jose Freitas 23
The Status Quo is not Enough! A Guide to Good Practice forNon-discriminatory Access to Services Provided by NGO’s Solidar 23
Runnymede Education Writing Day   24
WCAR   26
UKREN’s Constitution   27


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