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Bulletin 331 - December 2002

Number: 331

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain

Another Country? Rob Berkeley 1
The Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain: Regional Spotlight Vic McLaren 7
Human Rights and Equalities    
Why We Need and Equality Act and an Equality Commission Anthony Lester 9
Asylum in the UK after 11 September Anneliese Baldaccini 11
Experiences of Black History Month Merrick Hart 13
Opinion Piece    
In My View Maggie Lee 15
Convention for the Future of Europe   18
Youth and Racist Violence Aine Woods 20
Reviews Rob Berkeley, Vic McLaren  
Racism, Crime and Justice Ben Bowling and Coretta Phillips 21
Cybrarian   22
Toolkits for NGO’s   23
Meeting the Needs of Muslim Girls   23
Complementing Teachers   24


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