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Bulletin 332 - December 2002

Number: 332

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain    
The Year of Cohesion Rob Berkeley 1
Developing Community Cohesion: Issues and Solutions Vic McLaren 3
Facing the Challenges of Community Cohesion Beverley Hughes 8
Words, wounds - and Wagner? Gary Younge 10
Monitoring Parliament Omar Khan 14
Conference Report    
Crossing Borders Wayne Farah 18
The Runnymede Collection at Middlesex University   22
Reviews Omar Khan, Anneliese Baldaccini, Nicola Rollock    
Culture and Equality: An Egalitarian Critique of Multiculturalism Brian Barry 23
Discrimination Law Handbook Aileen McColgan (Ed) 25
Asians in Britain: 400 Years of History Rozina Visram 26
Listening to Teachers   27


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