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Bulletin 333 - March 2003

Number: 333

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain    
Lessons to be learnt Rob Berkeley 1
Guardians of Race Equality Rob Berkeley 2
TIWIL 2003    
Preventing Racist Violence Sarah Isal 2
Culture and Identity:    
Multiculturalism and National Identity: the Backlash Ali Rattansi 3
Criminal Justice:    
Minority Ethnic Groups and the National Probation Service Basheer Ahmed 6
Community Cohesion:    
Community Safety Martin Davis 9
Health and Social Cohesion Linda Harris 12
Parliamentary Monitor II Omar Khan 14
Beyond Article 13 Veena Vasista 18
A Role for NGOs in Implementing European Race and Employment Directives Sarah Isal 20
BME Issues in Teaching and Learning Nicola Rollock 22
Complementing Teachers Nicola Rollock 22
Language and Communication:    
Launching the Dictionary of Race, Ethnicity and Culture Raffaele Bracalenti 23
A New Resource   25
Community Connections   26
London Coherence   27
The LIP   28


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