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Bulletin 336 - December 2003

Number: 336

Editor: Ros Spry

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Arts & Society:    
A Sense of Place Michelynn Lafleche 1
Arts for Social Change Marion Vargaftig, Alex Rotas 3
Old Boots and New Brooms Liza Schuster 5
National Census:    
Comment from Dipak Nandy   7
Constituency First Omar Khan 8
Jim Rose Lecture & Runnymede Archive:    
At the Jim Rose Inaugural    
Address by Anthony Lester   12
Civil Renewal:    
Invoking Community Vic MacLaren 15
Human Rights - Time to Embrace a New Agenda? Rob Berkeley 17
Back to the Drawing Board?   18
New Commission for Equality and Human Rights Task Force   19
Parliamentary Monitor:    
University Top-up Fees Omar Khan & Rob Berkeley 20
Religious Discrimination in the EU Mohammed Aziz 21
Bangladeshi Educational Underachievement Mohammed A. Lais 24
Aiming High   26
Reviews   27
The Real Histories Directory   28


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