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Bulletin 338 - June 2004

Number: 338

Editor: Ros Spry

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Multi-Ethnic Britain:    
Launch of Realising the Vision   1
Preventing Racist Violence:    
Racist Violence - from Abhorrence to Moral Outrage Eric Bleich 4
Preventing Racist Violence - Phase 2 Sarah Isal 6
Civil Renewal and Social Capital:    
'Capitalism' for all?: Understanding Social Capital, Civil Renewal and Ethnic Diversity Rob Berkeley 7
Parliamentary Monitor:    
The Future of Equality: From Human Rights to Consumer Rights? Omar Khan 10
Current Consultations with Government   15
This is Where I Live:    
TIWIL Phase Two: Listening to and Hearing from Young People   16
Diverse Histories:    
Cultural Diversity in London's Museums and Galleries Nicola Rollock, Fiona Talbott and Nick Lane 18
Managed Migration and the Control of Rights Don Flynn 20
'Race is all around us' Rob Berkeley 21
Learning to include Rob Berkeley 22
Unaccompanied Refugee Children   22
Islamophobia   23
On Unions and the Law   23
Denmark on Diversity   23
Reports from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation   24


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