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Bulletin 340 - December 2004

Number: 340

Editor: Ros Spry

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This Is Where I Live - on Video Michelynn Lafleche 1
Inspection & Regulation:    
From Agenda Setting to Outcomes at the CPS Séamus Taylor 4
Incitement to Religious Hatred: A Debate   7
With contributions from:    
Anthony Lester and Alison Hayes of the Odysseus Trust   8
Gay Moon of JUSTICE   8
Gareth Crossman of Liberty   9
Moral Responsibility, Justice and the Group Omar Khan 10
Public Sphere:    
Civil Renewal and Diversity Henry Tam 13
Twenty Influential Texts: An annotated bibliography Vic McLaren 13
Equality in a Future Europe - What next? Sarah Isal 17
Fundamental Rights Agency - UKREN Responses as Part of the Public Consultation Sarah Isal 19
Evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights re CERD   20
Combating Racism and Xenophobia as a Crime: An ENAR Conference Report   21
Can We Talk? Integration - trust - taboo Bryan Teixeira 23
Fail to Plan: Plan to Fail Harpreet Dhami 23
Book Notes   24
Auditing the Nation Rob Berkeley 25
The Runnymede Collection at the Middlesex Archive   26
Evaluation of the Real Histories Directory Begins Debbie Weekes 28


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