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Bulletin 342 - June 2005

Number: 342

Editor: Ros Spry

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Democracy & Representation:    
Labour's Third Win Leaves Commons' Ethnic Mix Unchanged Omar Khan 1
Rural Matters:    
Open Access Kye Askins 5
Experiences of New Rural REC Basheer Ahmed 9
Notes on Exclusion & Immigration   11
Cumbrian Attitudes   12
Kieran Barr, Patricia Bell and Mohammed Dhalech    
Identity & Education:    
Dressed to Fail? Black Male Students and Academic Success Nicola Rollock 17
Developing Trust Through Exploring Differences Irena Lichnerowic 19
Justice & Rights II:    
The Demands and Needs of Groups Omar Khan 20
Equalities Review Note   22
Reviews & Reports:    
A Unique Window on European Challeges to Discrimination Barbera Cohen 23
Naming Norms   24
Shifting Formations of Citizenship Claire Alexander 25
A Primer of Sorts Vinay Menon 25
Transitions to Adulthood for Young People from Ethnic Minorities Filiz Caran 27
A CPS Audit of Communities' Concerns and Priorities   28


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