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Bulletin 343 - September 2005

Number: 343
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Mulicultural Britain:    
British Multiculturalism: Do Muslims Fit In? Tariq Modood 1
New Rules for the Blame Game? Rob Berkeley 3
Insiders and Outsiders in Multicultural Britain David Faulkner 5
Diversity and Identity:    
Identity Politics: Identity Research Rob Berkeley 7
Equality from Abstract to Policy Omar Khan 10
Equalities, the RR(A)A and Impact Assessment:    
Assessing the Impact Rob Berkeley 12
Exclusion of Overseas Visitors from Eligibility to Free NHS Primary Medical Services Wayne Farah 13
Making the London Housing Strategy Work for London's BME Communities Marie-Claude Gervais and Carl Mclean 15
Fun Run Raises Funds   19
'Achieving Race Equality in Schools': A Manual for Training Teachers Anya Makarova 20
ECRI's Third Report on the UK Mike Head 22
Bring the Politics of Race Back In Mohan Ambikaipaker 25
Handling 'Hyper-diversity' Rob Berkeley 26
Cohesion Heads Centre Stage Rob Berkeley 27
Preventing Racist Violence   28


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