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Bulletin 344 - December 2005

Number: 344
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Preventing Racist Violence Conference:    
Preventing Racist Violence - Our Report is Published
Inspection & Regulation:    
Pre-empting Racist Violence Requires Positive Action Sarah Isal 2
International Perspectives on Preventing Racist Violence:    
Presentation 1   5
Responding to Racist Violence in Europe and the United States Erik Bleich  
Presentation 2   9
Reducing Recruitment and promoting Disengagement from Violent Extremism: the case of Neo-Nazi Groups Professor Tore Bjorgo 8
Presentation 3   11
Introducing the Work of 'People Against Racism' Jaroslava Farkasova  
Positive Approaches - Advocating more effective and balanced responses to anti-social behaviour John Hedge 13
Cohesive Communities:    
Cohesion and the American Dream Rob Berkeley 14
Extracts from Cohesion vs Equality: An Examination of UK and US Cohesion Jenny Hernandez 15
Community Studies:    
From Black and White to Glorious Technicolor Rob Berkeley 16
Extracts from Ecuadorian Identity, Community and Multi-cultural Integration Malcolm James 17
The Jim Rose Lecture 2005   19
An EU Fundamental Rights Agency by 2007 Vicki Butler 20
Notice of UKREN's AGM   21
Fourth Estate or Fifth Column? Julian Petley 22
Police and Community Relations David Faulkner 23
Citizenship/Behaviour/Society Rishad Stylianou 24
Black Parents and the Curriculum Nicola Rollock 25
Black Europeans and Caribbean Views at the British Library
Taking the Mono out of Culture Nicola Rollock 27
Pension Reform: What's in it for BME Britons?   28


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