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Racial Equality and the Corporate Agenda: a study of FTSE 100 companies
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Commissioned by The Runnymede Trust with sponsorship from BP Amoco, the Cabinet Office, DfES and the Home Office, this research is designed to help companies re-energise their strategies on combating racism and discrimination in employment by looking at the experience and learning among FTSE 100 companies in the UK. The research was conducted by Schneider~Ross for Runnymede as new primary research for a conference called "The Corporate Face in Europe" held on 7 February 2000. Sponsored by the EU, the conference was attended by 200 delegates from the public, private and voluntary sectors. Undertaken by Runnymede in partnership with the Migration Policy Group (MPG Brussels) and the City of Amsterdam.

ISBN 0 9538164 0 0, 2000 - A4 40 pages, £8.95


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