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Young Chinese Migrants in London

Caroline Knowles

This report significantly updates our understanding on Chinese people living in Britain. The social geographies of London are changing and Chinese London is significant in the reconfiguration of our capital. Young, highly skilled (only child) migrants from Beijing are securing accumulated family resources in London against uncertainties in China. Similarly, young migrants from Hong Kong are hedging their political future in London, waiting to see how Hong Kong’s fractious relationship with the Mainland will play out in living conditions in their city.
Both groups are a resource in developing UK connections of all kinds with China, as it becomes the new centre of a realigned global world. Meanwhile the new architectures of UK border control which facilitate millionaire migrants further marginalize those with fewer resource leaving them with only undocumented routes to London, at the mercy of traffickers and travelling by unsafe means. Chinese London speaks to broader realignments in the capital which privilege the wealthy and further marginalize the poor.


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