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Mixed Heritage

Identity, Policy and Practice
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Appropriate policy responses, language and community-building are still lacking for people of mixed heritage. This question poses challenges similar to those of hyperdiversityand multiple identities, and needs consideration, despite its capacity to elude research categorisation by virtue of the breadth of experience involved. Runnymede's latest Perspectives paper, Mixed Heritage: Identity, Policy and Practice, seeks to explore both the mixed category, and the lives of people who are mixed along with people who are mixing. Featuring collaboration with external writers, each contributor's article explores the topic from a variety of expertise, covering theoretical explorations of mixedness, policy areas such as education, health and social care and returning to the fundamental question of whether it is useful to speak of the mixed category as a unitary group and whether a mixed community exists.

ISBN-13 978-0-9548389-6-6, 2007 - A4 32 pages


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