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Improving Practice

A whole-school approach to raising the achievement of African Caribbean youth. Published by the Runnymede Trust in association with the Nottingham Trent University.
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This report provides strategies for working with young African Caribbean people who are under-achieving at school and who face alienation and exclusion as a consequence. It is aimed at teachers, headteachers, school governors, parents, youth workers and community leaders - all the adults who influence the educational experience of young people.

Based on a two-year action-based research project in 9 schools in London and the East and West Midlands, the report identifies methods and initiatives which aim to improve practice in the classroom. It recommends a whole school approach, which ensures that initiatives aimed at raising achievement do not take place in isolation. Such initiatives should be seen as an integral part of the school's overall plans.

The report does not suggest that there are specific ways of teaching Black pupils. Instead it suggests that, if Black pupils are experiencing difficulties at schools, then those difficulties should be addressed in a specific and targeted way.

Improving Practice addresses the need for collaboration between teachers, professional colleagues, community and youth workers and pupils and parents. In particular it calls for improved dialogue between teachers and pupils, the avoidance of colour-blind strategies, and monitoring and evaluation in the development of special initiatives.

ISBN 0 902397 97 4, 1998

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