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Passing the Baton

Inter-generational Conceptions of Race and Racism in Birmingham

Kamaljeet Gill and Kjartan Pàll Sveinsson

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This report acompanies the Generation 3.0 video project. We wanted to find out how racism and anti-racism have changed across the three generations that have grown up with mass migration to the UK. We hope this will show us ways to fight racism.

Runnymede went to Handsworth because the area has a history of racially charged activism and conflict, including riots in the 1980s and 2005. Handsworth represents both great potential and a huge challenge; if we can make headway there we can be confident that we can extend it across the nation.

This research found is that the stereotypes of apathetic and disengaged youth are wide of the mark. Young people we spoke to were active, engaged and impassioned. They had serious and often subtle things to say about how racism affects their lives and their life-chances.


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