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Labour and Cohesive Communities

Third in our Political Platform series

by Rt Hon John Denham MP

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Communities and local government secretary John Denham MP argues that community cohesion has been at the heart of Labour thinking over the past decade in the third in our Runnymede Platform series.

In his paper he also calls for a renewed focus on class in Britain and argues that whilst the growing self-confidence of minority communities is a positive thing, it can be seen as a threat to communities under pressure.

He also states that whilst it is still important to fight racism and discrimination, a more nuanced approach is needed to understand how race interacts with other social factors.

The document includes academic responses from Professors Derek McGhee, University of Southampton; Mary J Hickman, London Metropolitan University; and Chris Gaine, University of Chichester.

Runnymede Platform promotes free and exploratory thinking on race, ethnicity and equality. The facts presented and views expressed in speeches and essays in the series are, however, those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of Runnymede.


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