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Bulletin 356 - December 2008

Number 356

Editor: Robin Frampton

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Piloting Runnymede
into the 21st Century                                              1

Michelynn Laflèche
The 2008 United States
Presidential Election                                             4

Omar Khan
Time for More Anti-discrimination
Legislation from Europe                                     8

Sarah Isal
Reflections on the ‘New Politics
of Belonging’                                                                 9

Margaret Wetherell
Reflections on UK Identities Today           13
David Faulkner
The New Politics of Belonging                       14
Hate Crime                                                                  15
Sarah Marsden
Race Equality and the
White Working Class                                            18

Kjartan Páll Sveinsson
Right to Divide? Faith Schools
and Community Cohesion                               19

Rob Berkeley
Harambee: Inner-city Race Relations
and the Voluntary Sector,

Islington, 1971-8                                                      20
Stephen Tuffnell
The Runnymede Trust’s Oral
History Project                                                         21

Forced Marriage                                                     22
Khatidja Chantler and Geetanjali Gangoli
Gurinder Chadha in Conversation           24

‘Hafu’/Half Japanese:
A Photographic Exhibition                            25

Leili Sreberny-Mohammadi
Book Reviews                                                            26
Film Review: ‘The Class’                                    29

New Real Histories
Directory Website                                                  29

Vastiana Belfon

BELONGING Project                                           30
Marion Vargaftig


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