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Bulletin 355 - September 2008

Number 355

Editor: Robin Frampton

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The Single Equality Bill: Will it be a
Missed Opportunity?                                              1

Barbara Cohen
The Benefits and Impacts of Migration:
Analysis of the Government’s
Current Thinking n                                                 3

Kjartan Páll Sveinsson
The Long Path to Citizenship                           5
Elisabetta Dolzan
Citizenship Survey: 2007–08 (April
2007 – March 2008), England & Wales      6

Jessica Mai Sims
Financial Inclusion and Ethnicity               8
Omar Khan
Reviewing the Business Case                           10
Omar Khan
Engaging the Second-Generation:
Vietnamese UK Youth Action                        13

Jessica Mai Sims
Mixed Identities in Areas of Conflict:
A Personal Essay 14
Omar Khan and Tallat Shakoor
South Africans Londoners -
An Immigrant Success Story?                        17

Kjartan Páll Sveinsson
Soldiers, Migrants and Citizens –
The Nepalese in Britain                                      17

Jessica Mai Sims
Book Reviews:
Parenting ‘Mixed’ Children                              18

Jessica Mai Sims
Citizenship in Contemporary Europe      19
Mahad Ali
Hate Crime and the City                                     20
Sarah Isal
Promoting Equality for BME Pupils          21
Shaila Sheikh
Home: The Elephant and Castle                  22
Rebecca Waller

Insiders, Outsiders and Others                    22
Jessica Mai Sims
Belonging: The Newham Workshops 23
Marion Vargaftig


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