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Bulletin 354 - June 2008

Number 354

Editor: Robin Frampton

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The GLA Elections: London Mayor and
London Assembly
Matthew Ross
From Powell to Phillips: Rivers of Blood to
Post-multiculturalism                                                     4

Rob Berkeley
Runnymede Trust Consultation Response
to The Path to Citizenship: Next Steps in
Reforming the Immigration System                      6

Michelynn Laflèche
Fit for Purpose Yet?                                                             7
Zrinka Bralo
Why Human Rights Provide Added Value          9
Rosemarie McIlwhan
Equality and Human Rights
Commission Human Rights Inquiry                   10

Rosemarie McIlwhan
What Can We Expect from Europe
in the Field of Migration Policy?                              11

Sarah Isal
The Role of FE and HE Providers in
Promoting Community Cohesion                         12

Debbie Weekes-Bernard and Jessica Sims
Getting It Wrong. Again                                                 13
Debbie Weekes-Bernard
A New Look at ‘Gaps’ in
Attainment at Age 16                                                        14

Kerrie Proulx
‘Which Way Do I Ought to Go from Here?:
The Need for High-quality
Careers Advice                                                                      15

Kerrie Proulx
Investigating Ethnicity in the UK: The
Possibilities of the UK Household
Longitudinal Panel Survey                                          17

Lucinda Platt
Ethnicity and Nationality: Review of ONS
Census Proposals                                                                19

Omar Khan
Young Children and Racial Justice                      22
Jane Lane
‘Race’ and Domestic Violence in the Media 23
zohra moosa
(Re)thinking ‘Gangs’                                                        25
Kjartan Páll Sveinsson
South Africans                                                                     26
Kjartan Páll Sveinsson
Celebrate Gypsy History Month                             27
Sharon Yemoh
Book Reviews                                                                        27
Report: People in Harmony Conference 32
Jessica Mai Sims

Video ART Postcards Lesson Plans Launch   33
Marion Vargaftig
Belonging: A New Initiative                                       34
Marion Vargaftig
Update: Faith Schools and                                           35
Community Cohesion
Rob Berkeley
Real Histories Directory –
Websites for Students                                                     35


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