Race Matters

Middlesbrough Young People Tackle Racism Head On!

The All In Youth Project is based in Middlesbrough in the North East of England and we work with young people aged 7-25 predominantly from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Since 2010 we have worked with over 1000 young people in the Tees Valley creating events which bring young people together to celebrate diversity. All of the young people we work with have experienced racism whether at school or in their local communities. This impacts on their safety and identity and shows that racism is still a problem.

As one young person (aged 14) said:

"When someone calls me racist names it makes me question if I really am British and makes me feel unsafe and ashamed.

I am British and Asian but people don't think I look British. When I come to All In we share our experiences of racism and discuss ways to end racism which makes you more confident about who you are and that you're doing something about it.

Being able to talk about racism helps because it lets you know that you are not alone and that makes you feel better. I'm proud to be doing something positive in response to something which is so negative."

Young people who come to All In feel that changes over the last few years in Government policies give the impression that racism has been dealt with in the UK and is no longer a problem.  This is a big cause of concern, as it the opposite of their daily experience.

In response the young people have developed an End Racism campaign which started with posters called, One Race, One Blood. These posters have been designed by young people to encourage society to talk about racism, accept that it is still a problem and to reiterate the fact that underneath the skin we are all the same. Our members model in the posters and work with us to promote their end racism message.