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Wisdom to End Racism: Keeping the Fight Alive

30 May, 2014 by Sondhya Gupta

Still Keeping the Fight Alive is a fantastic film that tells the history of racism in East London over the past 33 years and how ...


Let’s dig deeper about race in schools

22 May, 2014 by Rose Hall

No-one wants to be labelled as a racist. It is a dirty word, thrown around cautiously. Even when Nigel Farage slams immigrants, ...


Middlesbrough Young People Tackle Racism Head On!

21 May, 2014 by Marsha Garratt

The All In Youth Project is based in Middlesbrough in the North East of England and we work with young people aged 7-25 predomin ...


Race, class and teenage subcultures

26 Mar, 2014 by Sumi Hollingworth

If you send your children to an ethnically and socially diverse school, are they going to mix? This issue was the starting po ...


Rethinking Stop and Search - changing 'ways of thinking' about marginalised youth

19 Feb, 2014 by Sean Murphy

When the Home Secretary, Theresa May speaking in parliamentary debate in July 2013, conceded that the percentage of arrests as ...


British Asians Dancing Their Way Up the Ladder?

07 Feb, 2014 by Harpreet Cholia

 As we joined the back of the queue, we were standing behind four white people, two guys and two girls. They were already a lit ...


Forced marriage: At the intersection of risk, identity and policy

05 Feb, 2014 by Heather Harvey

The issue of forced marriage, a little like female genital mutilation and honour crimes, means victims of such practices can fin ...


'Hello, Jav, Got a New Motor?': Cars, (De)Racialization and Muslim Identity

15 Jan, 2014 by Yunis Alam

The car is a symbolic presence at the heart of the everyday experience of multi-ethnic coexistence. Exploring the potential sign ...

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