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Windrush is Us

03 Jul, 2018 by Lester Holloway

How should we commemorate 22 June by Dr Omar Khan This year, June 22 marked the 70th anniversary of HMS Windrush landing in Til ...

100 years after the first women got the vote, the fight for true equality goes on

14 Jun, 2018 by Lester Holloway

By Kimberly McIntosh, Runnymede Policy Officer Sunday saw processions across the country celebrating 100 years since the Repres ...

2011 Runnymede comments on 'gangs' and the UK riots

09 May, 2018 by Omar Khan

In 2011, our then-head of policy, Omar Khan, wrote on the term 'gang' and the UK riots. As the issue is again in the news, we're ...

Intending not to discriminate isn’t enough

23 Apr, 2018 by Lester Holloway

The hostile environment immigration policy has caused the recent uptick in the threat of detention and deportation, and the deni ...

Listening to the Windrush generation about our past

20 Apr, 2018 by Lester Holloway

‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past’. William Faulkner’s epistle is regularly cited both because ...

Racism and xenophobia are resurgent in the UK, and the centre-left is partly to blame

02 Aug, 2016 by admin

Rather than engaging with the prejudices and misplaced fears of one section of the working class, the Left has given validation ...

As post-referendum racism rises, politicians must pledge to reject inflammatory campaigning

05 Jul, 2016 by admin

Responding to the sharp rise in recorded hate crime since the EU referendum, Dr Omar Khan, Director of the race equality think t ...


Despite his faux pas, Cumberbatch spoke out. Many don't.

13 Feb, 2015 by Nicola Rollock

At first glance, Benedict Cumberbatch’s recent faux pas - using the word ‘coloured’ to refer to racially minoritised group ...

Baroness Doreen Lawrence: A Future of Hope Through Unity

10 Feb, 2015 by Doreen Lawrence

In the week that Oscar- nominated civil rights drama Selma wins at the NAACP awards, Baroness Doreen Lawrence&rsq ...


What Can Businesses Do To Tackle Race Discrimination?

19 Jun, 2014 by Tom Legge

There are many reasons why ethnic minorities are underrepresented in the workplace and particularly in management and senior man ...


Dr Maya Angelou's passing must propel activists and the anti-racist agenda

29 May, 2014 by Remi Salisbury

Yesterday, a true hero of the African diaspora passed away. In contemporary times, when sports stars and celebrities are the mos ...


Never Here… but There and Everywhere: Football, Racism and Equality

22 May, 2014 by Jonathan Long

Professor Jonathan Long, from the Institute for Sport, Physical Activity and Leisure, Leeds Metropolitan University, and member ...


Let’s dig deeper about race in schools

22 May, 2014 by Rose Hall

No-one wants to be labelled as a racist. It is a dirty word, thrown around cautiously. Even when Nigel Farage slams immigrants, ...


Middlesbrough Young People Tackle Racism Head On!

21 May, 2014 by Marsha Garratt

The All In Youth Project is based in Middlesbrough in the North East of England and we work with young people aged 7-25 predomin ...


UKIP shows we are confused about racism. Do we need a new word?

20 May, 2014 by Temi Ogunye

Funny thing, racism. Many believe it is widespread within society, but it is almost impossible to find anybody who openly or eve ...


Dear white people: it’s not OK

12 May, 2014 by York Vision

Since a video surfaced which may have shown Jeremy Clarkson using the N word, the ‘right’ to use a word which O.J. Simpson ...


Racism in the delivery of mental health services

06 May, 2014 by Suman Fernando

For many years, black and some other minority ethnic groups have been badly served by our mental health service. Some of the pro ...


Tackling workplace discrimination in the health service

23 Apr, 2014 by Ravi Seenan

Chair of Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust (NSFT), Gary Page, is this month launching our new initiative to ‘Challenge, ...


Reparations and the war against human nature itself

13 Mar, 2014 by Jeff Banis

If you have links with the Caribbean, it’s never been more important to know your history.  Reparations are back on the agend ...


Taking biracial identity at more than face value

12 Mar, 2014 by admin

Face Value is an exhibition in Toronto, which  explores the complexities of mixed-race identity, which is described by theorist ...


The power of art

12 Mar, 2014 by admin

In this interview with Mohammed Ali, a graffiti artist and community organiser known for his fusion of street-art and Is ...


Challenging a culture of racial equivalence

11 Mar, 2014 by Miri Song

In the last several years, charges of ‘racism’ have been rife – whether on the football pitch, reality television, or in t ...


Report probes untruths about Mark Duggan

10 Mar, 2014 by Marc Wadsworth

Controversy over the inquest jury’s verdict that a 29-year-old unarmed black man was lawfully killed by a police marksman has ...


What Steve McQueen’s Oscar win means to Black British Millennials

06 Mar, 2014 by Zaneta Denny

I remember distinctively hearing a loud scream from one of my relatives, urging me to drop everything, lock, stock and barrel, t ...

Love and Colour

28 Feb, 2014 by admin

This short film follows two people's journeys in coming to understand themselves as both black and gay.  It calls of p ...


Remembering Operation Blue Star

27 Feb, 2014 by Kaur J

On June 4th 1984, the Indian government launched 'Operation Blue star' against the Sikh separatists, killing 400 people. The at ...


Why we should support a national boycott on non-essential interactions with the police

25 Feb, 2014 by Remi Salisbury

Over the last few weeks a number of Black activists have raised heightened concerns over the persistence of racist policing in c ...


Nuturing the Nation – the Asian contribution of the NHS

24 Feb, 2014 by Debbie Weekes-Bernard

Migration to the UK is an enduring and contentious political issue. Within the public sector, and particularly the NHS, the rela ...


Coming out as a Black Feminist

21 Feb, 2014 by Chinyere Ifemeni

I started identifying as a feminist two years ago, when I began studying for my A-Levels in college. In secondary school, I was ...


Tribute to Batook Pandya

20 Feb, 2014 by admin

Monday was an extremely sad day as Bristol faced a major loss in that Batook Pandya MBE, Director of SARI, will no longer be wit ...


Rethinking Stop and Search - changing 'ways of thinking' about marginalised youth

19 Feb, 2014 by Sean Murphy

When the Home Secretary, Theresa May speaking in parliamentary debate in July 2013, conceded that the percentage of arrests as ...


Slavery and Me

17 Feb, 2014 by Roger Griffith

To someone with the blood of African heritage running proudly through their veins, the issues of freedom and slavery are as cont ...


Race and Sex

14 Feb, 2014 by admin

Yesterday, End Racism This Generation went to Manchester to discuss Race and Sex. In case you missed it, here are some thoughts ...


Hooked on Arab Stereotypes

11 Feb, 2014 by Joseph Willits

The UK’s Arab community isn’t as large as those communities from South Asia, and casual stereotypes about race have long bee ...


The Material Girl Instagrams the N-Word

06 Feb, 2014 by Dhiraj Murthy

Though we increasingly understand what happens online is not any less ‘real’ than what happens offline, it can be easy for s ...


Race relations and the Immigration Bill

04 Feb, 2014 by Lester Holloway

The Immigration Bill, currently making its’ way through Parliament, has profound implications for ‘race’ and community rel ...


Challenging Whiteness

31 Jan, 2014 by Sondhya Gupta

You’re not racist, so… It is shocking that when we talk to people about racism, many assume that we mean incidents of phy ...


Why we Chose Race Card

30 Jan, 2014 by Rob Berkeley

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced Debate about race equality in the U ...


Talking about Race

21 Jan, 2014 by Karim Murji

With a central picture of Mark Duggan surrounded by other black people who have died at the hands of the police or in police cus ...

Does Talking About Race Fuel Racism? (Video)

16 Jan, 2014 by admin

In early November, the End Racism this Generation campaign arrived in Wolverhampton with a  panel of equality experts, to ...


Zwarte Piet Parade (Gallery)

15 Jan, 2014 by admin

Photo Credit: Rachel Sato-Banks Zwarte Piet, also known as Black Pete, first appeared in Dutch and Belgian folklore in th ...


The World Wars forgotten Black Fighters

13 Jan, 2014 by Marc Wadsworth

Best selling author Ken Follett’s spat with a white former Rhodesian Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot who accused the writer of pol ...

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