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Multiculturalism isn’t a dirty word

04 Sep, 2015 by Lester Holloway

By Dr Varun Uberoi British politicians once frequently used the term ‘multiculturalism’ in speeches about immigrati ...


UKIP shows we are confused about racism. Do we need a new word?

20 May, 2014 by Temi Ogunye

Funny thing, racism. Many believe it is widespread within society, but it is almost impossible to find anybody who openly or eve ...


The power of art

12 Mar, 2014 by admin

In this interview with Mohammed Ali, a graffiti artist and community organiser known for his fusion of street-art and Is ...


Nuturing the Nation – the Asian contribution of the NHS

24 Feb, 2014 by Debbie Weekes-Bernard

Migration to the UK is an enduring and contentious political issue. Within the public sector, and particularly the NHS, the rela ...


What's in a Name?

13 Jan, 2014 by Emily Wykes

Our surnames profoundly affect both our life chances, and sense of self.  For example, in employment a NatCen study in 2010 fou ...


Organising resistance to racialized police violence

10 Jan, 2014 by Kojo Kyerewaa

Imagine the scene, it is a warm summer Sunday afternoon, you are planning to meet a friend but your phone is dead. You decide to ...


Britain's Invisible Elections

10 Jan, 2014 by Monique Lane

With less than six months to go before the European Elections there does not seem to be any sense of urgency to engage the publi ...

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