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Lack of diversity undermines the future of the mass media

18 Jul, 2017 by Lester Holloway

As Sir Lenny Henry turns up the pressure over the lack of racial diversity on TV and radio, Lester Holloway says the mainstream ...

Race and the media

23 Nov, 2015 by Lester Holloway

Runnymede’s online editor Lester Holloway reflects on how far the media has come in 50 years since the first Race Relation ...

Cooking up change

12 Oct, 2015 by Lester Holloway

Sondhya Gupta hopes the Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain will help change perceptions about Muslims By now even if ...

The challenge of diversity and (in)visibility in Public Service Broadcasting

05 Aug, 2015 by Lester Holloway

By Dr Myria Georgiou The misrepresentation and under-representation of UK’s cultural diversity in the media has hit the ...


Dr Maya Angelou's passing must propel activists and the anti-racist agenda

29 May, 2014 by Remi Salisbury

Yesterday, a true hero of the African diaspora passed away. In contemporary times, when sports stars and celebrities are the mos ...


UKIP shows we are confused about racism. Do we need a new word?

20 May, 2014 by Temi Ogunye

Funny thing, racism. Many believe it is widespread within society, but it is almost impossible to find anybody who openly or eve ...


Dear white people: it’s not OK

12 May, 2014 by York Vision

Since a video surfaced which may have shown Jeremy Clarkson using the N word, the ‘right’ to use a word which O.J. Simpson ...


Challenging a culture of racial equivalence

11 Mar, 2014 by Miri Song

In the last several years, charges of ‘racism’ have been rife – whether on the football pitch, reality television, or in t ...


Report probes untruths about Mark Duggan

10 Mar, 2014 by Marc Wadsworth

Controversy over the inquest jury’s verdict that a 29-year-old unarmed black man was lawfully killed by a police marksman has ...


What Steve McQueen’s Oscar win means to Black British Millennials

06 Mar, 2014 by Zaneta Denny

I remember distinctively hearing a loud scream from one of my relatives, urging me to drop everything, lock, stock and barrel, t ...


Race and Sex

14 Feb, 2014 by admin

Yesterday, End Racism This Generation went to Manchester to discuss Race and Sex. In case you missed it, here are some thoughts ...


Hooked on Arab Stereotypes

11 Feb, 2014 by Joseph Willits

The UK’s Arab community isn’t as large as those communities from South Asia, and casual stereotypes about race have long bee ...


Deep Roots - a story of Black British Publishing

10 Feb, 2014 by Heiba Lamara

The name of John La Rose is synonymous with independent radical Black publishing in Britain and the Caribbean. A committed trade ...


The Material Girl Instagrams the N-Word

06 Feb, 2014 by Dhiraj Murthy

Though we increasingly understand what happens online is not any less ‘real’ than what happens offline, it can be easy for s ...


Why we Chose Race Card

30 Jan, 2014 by Rob Berkeley

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced Debate about race equality in the U ...


Talking about Race

21 Jan, 2014 by Karim Murji

With a central picture of Mark Duggan surrounded by other black people who have died at the hands of the police or in police cus ...


Is Islam more British than the EDL? (Podcast)

17 Jan, 2014 by admin

Yasir Mirza, the Head of Diversity and Inclusion at the Guardian and Remona Aly, the Campaigns Director at Exploring Isl ...


The World Wars forgotten Black Fighters

13 Jan, 2014 by Marc Wadsworth

Best selling author Ken Follett’s spat with a white former Rhodesian Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot who accused the writer of pol ...


Dissecting Intersectionality

10 Jan, 2014 by Bisi Alimi

It is high time that black men in the position of power start standing up for black people irrespective of gender, age, social c ...

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