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Windrush is Us

03 Jul, 2018 by Lester Holloway

How should we commemorate 22 June by Dr Omar Khan This year, June 22 marked the 70th anniversary of HMS Windrush landing in Til ...

Intending not to discriminate isn’t enough

23 Apr, 2018 by Lester Holloway

The hostile environment immigration policy has caused the recent uptick in the threat of detention and deportation, and the deni ...

Listening to the Windrush generation about our past

20 Apr, 2018 by Lester Holloway

‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past’. William Faulkner’s epistle is regularly cited both because ...

British Citizenship and the Windrush generation

20 Apr, 2018 by Lester Holloway

By Sundeep Lidher The threats of deportation facing individuals who arrived in Britain from the West Indies between 1948 and 19 ...

Hostility and hypocrisy: the UK's problem with Trump

14 Feb, 2017 by admin

Hostility towards immigrants creates negative climate for all minorities, says Kimberly McIntosh Opposition to the state visit ...

As post-referendum racism rises, politicians must pledge to reject inflammatory campaigning

05 Jul, 2016 by admin

Responding to the sharp rise in recorded hate crime since the EU referendum, Dr Omar Khan, Director of the race equality think t ...

Race equality groups demand hate crime strategy

05 Jul, 2016 by Lester Holloway

Runnymede Trust have joined with other national and local race equality groups to show solidarity with all BME people and commun ...

Let them drown: The violence of othering in a warming world

05 Jul, 2016 by admin

We need to talk about the issues driving people to move across continents, says Naomi KleinEdward Said was no tree-hugger. Desce ...


UKIP shows we are confused about racism. Do we need a new word?

20 May, 2014 by Temi Ogunye

Funny thing, racism. Many believe it is widespread within society, but it is almost impossible to find anybody who openly or eve ...


How the Poles saved England - another forgotten story

28 Apr, 2014 by Mark Johnson

In 1940, Britain stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany. The Nazi totalitarian state represented the most viscous and vio ...


Nottingham by numbers: The widening the racial disadvantage gap

14 Mar, 2014 by Cecile Wright

According to the legend, one of Nottingham’s best known figures, Robin Hood, took from the rich and gave to the poor, beginnin ...


The power of art

12 Mar, 2014 by admin

In this interview with Mohammed Ali, a graffiti artist and community organiser known for his fusion of street-art and Is ...


Forced marriage: At the intersection of risk, identity and policy

05 Feb, 2014 by Heather Harvey

The issue of forced marriage, a little like female genital mutilation and honour crimes, means victims of such practices can fin ...


Race relations and the Immigration Bill

04 Feb, 2014 by Lester Holloway

The Immigration Bill, currently making its’ way through Parliament, has profound implications for ‘race’ and community rel ...


Why we Chose Race Card

30 Jan, 2014 by Rob Berkeley

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced Debate about race equality in the U ...


Britain's Invisible Elections

10 Jan, 2014 by Monique Lane

With less than six months to go before the European Elections there does not seem to be any sense of urgency to engage the publi ...

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