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Dr Maya Angelou's passing must propel activists and the anti-racist agenda

29 May, 2014 by Remi Salisbury

Yesterday, a true hero of the African diaspora passed away. In contemporary times, when sports stars and celebrities are the mos ...


Taking biracial identity at more than face value

12 Mar, 2014 by admin

Face Value is an exhibition in Toronto, which  explores the complexities of mixed-race identity, which is described by theorist ...

Love and Colour

28 Feb, 2014 by admin

This short film follows two people's journeys in coming to understand themselves as both black and gay.  It calls of p ...


Coming out as a Black Feminist

21 Feb, 2014 by Chinyere Ifemeni

I started identifying as a feminist two years ago, when I began studying for my A-Levels in college. In secondary school, I was ...


Race and Sex

14 Feb, 2014 by admin

Yesterday, End Racism This Generation went to Manchester to discuss Race and Sex. In case you missed it, here are some thoughts ...


Forced marriage: At the intersection of risk, identity and policy

05 Feb, 2014 by Heather Harvey

The issue of forced marriage, a little like female genital mutilation and honour crimes, means victims of such practices can fin ...


Why we shouldn't blindly defend Gender Segregation

03 Feb, 2014 by Khadijah Elshayyal

Gender segregation at university student events is not a new phenomenon. Separate gender seating arrangements have been practise ...

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