Race Matters

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Our Web Resource Wins Guardian University Award

15 Apr, 2019 by Sundeep Lidher

Following Our Migration Story's third award win, the project's co-lead, Sundeep Lidher, describes how the concept came about and ...

Research subjects or co-creators? Making public outreach count

08 Apr, 2019 by Creative Interruptions

What does it mean to collaborate with different communities as part of an arts or media project? Dr. Sarita Malik and Dr. Panayi ...

Connecting the dots: structural racism in 2019

21 Mar, 2019 by Laurie Mompelat

Our Research Analyst Laurie Mompelat explains why recognising and fighting against structural racism is as appropriate toda ...

Three steps to make higher education more inclusive

12 Mar, 2019 by Furaha Asani

Over the years, Runnymede has presented overwhelming evidence that there are racial inequalities in higher education, not least ...

Arts and Resistance in a Hostile World

07 Feb, 2019 by admin

As Runnymede embarks on an arts and research-based project with Creative Interruptions, academics Sarita Malik, Panayiota Demetr ...

An unlikely source of empowerment for black students?

10 Dec, 2018 by Warren Stanislaus

Oxford PhD candidate Warren Stanislaus discovered that by treading a path less travelled, he was able to break through some of t ...